Thursday, 7 June 2012

Privatisation of the Army

If corporatism is allowed to own our armed forces, who will be left to protect the people from the corporate’s?

The government defence budget will be laying off 1000's of soldiers and hiring Private Security. They are already in the throws of taking the police and replacing them with corporate security.
Now this unconstitutional government is planning to remove the people's armed forces and hand the military power to corporate's and privatisation.

We have already seen; manslaughter and weapons charges against  employees of the private security company Blackwater Worldwide.

Who will be left to defend the People from the war mongering corporatism who desire war in order to sell their military hardware, exploiting, and profiteering from the misery they create and force on the People of the World???

We must ALL UNITE and get this government out, by association they are the corrupt, the law breakers, the defilers of decency and honour.

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